The crème de la crème of the Uplands project, Uplands 2 is the grand finale of this exclusive residential area.

Standing on the shoulders of its very successful predecessor, which is one of Ipoh’s first gated and guarded communities, Uplands 2 is TI Homes’ jewel in the crown.

18 exclusive bungalows represent the marriage of luxurious designs and creative licence – the result being homes par excellence.

Set within gated and guarded boundaries, it offers exclusivity and luxury, safety and security. Where interiors are plush and elegant, the environment outside is fresh and green, a vibrant mix of exciting growth set against the backdrop of nature’s serenity.

A house in Uplands 2 is a home like no other.


Gated & Guarded Bungalows

CCC Obtained

Developer License

Developer Licence : 6469-36/02-2018/09044(L) Validity: 20/02/2017 till 19/02/2018 • Advertisement Permit : 6469-36/02-2018/09044(P) Validity: 20/02/2017 till 19/02/2018 • Building Plan Approval No : MBI OSC (686-B)L/B5/346/954/12 & MBI OSC (032-A)L/B/1/10/159/14 • Building Plan Approval Authority : Majlis Bandaraya Ipoh • Price : RM3,000,000-00 (Min) RM3,700,000-00 (Max) • Targeted date of completion : December 2018 • Number of Units : 10 units • Land Tenure : 99 years (30.05.2110) • Land Encumbrances : Hong Leong Bank Berhad • Expressed Condition : A residential unit • Restriction in interest : This land may not be subdivided, partitioned or amalgamated without the expressed approval of the State Authority.